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THC was started in the summer of 1993 as a street wear clothing line. It was a great time in the early 90s. New lines by young kids were sprouting up left and right all over the country and coming together for some wild San Diego trade shows. THC was part of it ... Read More

MM Advocacy

If you're looking to get involved with the decriminalization, and legalization of marijuana, look no further.  THC has been supporting rallies and supplying information on legalization since 1994. 

Online Store

We have thousands of marijuana related products in our online store. From stickers and patches of your favorite brands and brands, to anything and everything that is legal for marijuana. 

THC Forums

Connect with the world of smokers and midnight tokers via our THC forums. Post topics and have discussions about the best strain of legal buds, or talk a little smack to each other -- it's all in good fun.

THC News & Information

Get the latest information, news and updates about THC and the marijuana world. If you're looking to find research vetted through medical marijuana doctors and lawyers, visit our news section.

Get involved

If you are ready to take the next leap forward and get involved within the THC community, then today is the day. Remember to stay High. Highly Involved, Highly Informed, and Highly Interactive. 

Museum of Chronic Art

For years hundreds of smokers and tokers have been submitting their stoney artwork. Come take a peak at the hundreds of submissions, or upload your own.

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